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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be there to help. You can email us or simply call us on 01788 542555.

Q. My car is under warranty can I still bring it to Vasstech without affecting my warranty?
A. Yes, because Vasstech uses genuine parts on any servicing or repairs we carry out, our work does not affect your warranty.

To find out more about laws brought in to allow non-dealer franchises to maintain vehicles still under manufacturer warranty, visit this link which explains more about block exemption.

Q. I am tied into a fixed service plan with the dealer I bought my car from, can I still bring my car to you for other items?
A. Yes, most fixed-price service plans only offer basic servicing cover. Other items such as brakes, tyres, bulbs and exhaust systems may not be covered and would be charged at your dealer rates on top of your service plan! Having these additional items replaced at Vasstech could save you money.

Q. My vehicle is no longer under warranty, will you still use genuine parts?
A. If your vehicle is outside the manufacturer warranty, you may wish to save money on using good quality alternative parts, rather than genuine parts. If there is an alternative part available for the repair on your vehicle we will give you the option to choose between the genuine part or the alternative part. If you are not offered an alternative part, it will be a genuine part that is used.

Q. Can you stamp the service book when I bring my car to you for its service?
A. Yes we can. We will stamp your service book after every service carried out, which should you come to sell your vehicle confirms to the new owner that the servicing has been carried out to the manufacturer guidelines by a specialist independent. The service light is also re-set to the correct service interval. We can also supply additional service books should yours fill up!

Q. If my car fails its MOT, do I have to have the repair work done with you?
A. No, you do not have to have the repairs carried out at Vasstech. We will explain the failure item(s) and the advisory notices, and will quote you for the repairs. It is up to you where you have the repairs carried out, and should you have them carried out elsewhere you are still entitled to the free MOT re-test providing you present the car within 10 working days.

Q. If my car fails its MOT, do I have to pay for another MOT Test?
A. Providing the repairs are carried out and the car is presented for its MOT re-test within 10 working days there is no re-test fee. If the car is brought back for its MOT re-test outside the 10 working days, you will be charged the MOT Test fee again.

Q. I work during the day, I will find it difficult to you to drop the car off. Can you pick the car up?
A. Yes, we can arrange for your car to be collected on the day of your booking from your work place or home. Upon collection we will go through your booking and confirm your contact details. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time to deliver your car back to you. You can pay over the phone with a debit/credit card, or if you prefer you can pay the driver cash upon delivery of your car.

We carry out collections within a 10 miles radius of CV21 2NP.

Q. I need a car whilst mine is in the garage – do you have courtesy cars?
A. Yes, we have courtesy cars available at a daily cost of £10.00.  We will need to take a copy of your driving licence on the day of your booking, and will need to carry out a licence check using the government website. For us to be able to carry out your licence check you will need to bring with you a unique code generated by the government website when viewing your own driving licence. To view your licence please go to where you will find a link named 'share my licence'. This will allow you to generate your unique code. You will need your licence number and your national insurance number to do this.

Q. I have my own parts, will you fit parts that I supply?
A. Yes, we are able to quote for ‘labour only’ charges. Please note there is no warranty on work where we have not supplied the parts.

Q. Where will my car be kept if you have it overnight?
A. If we have your vehicle overnight, we will endeavour to bring it into the workshop which is locked and installed with an intruder alarm. Our premises is installed with an intruder alarm. However where this is not possible your car will be parked outside the building locked.

Q. I have bought a private warranty policy, are you able to carry out repairs for my warranty company?
A. Yes. Most private warranty companies allow you to choose which garage you would like to have your car repaired at. We are able to call the warranty company on your behalf with the details of the repairs and costs. We will take down the relevant details from the warranty company for you to make your claim.